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There are several brands to choose from if you want a bow thruster or a stern thruster and while some might appear similar on the surface, there are many and important differences. SidePower is today the world's leading brand of bow thrusters and stern thrusters, chosen by a vast majority of the leading boat manufacturers around the world.

The whole range of Sidepower Thrusters is displayed in a video.

There are many reasons for why these have chosen Side-Power and while the product quality is of course perhaps the most important one, the service and dedication from the SidePower crew around the world is also a very important factor.

Video. Watch a Princess manoeuvre effortlessly.

3 Reasons Why Thrusters Improve your Boating Experience

It makes docking easy.
As marinas get smaller and slips get tighter, safely docking a boat is more challenging than ever before. Thrusters give you total control of your boat and allow you to manoeuvre into and out of tight spots with ease.

Confidence in all Situations
Boating is meant to be fun. Why end your day or week on the water with a stressfulexperience? A Side-Power thruster offers the help you need to be in full control when docking and departing regardless of wind conditions and currents.

Simple Shorthanded Sailing
A thruster makes you less dependent on having a skilled crew. The independence a thruster provides will allow you to use your boat whenever you want, whether alone or with others. The insider tip is to have a radio remote control for your thruster(s).

Docking with a thruster

Side-Power Stern Thruster Manoevering Diagram
To gain total control of your boat the solution is to also install a stern thruster, leaving the main engines to propel the boat forward and backward as they were intended. The Side-Power dual joystick panel and docking control panel provide control of both thrusters with just one hand. Dual thrusters combined with a remote control (or conveniently placed extra panels) is the best combination to make docking easy for a single-handed boater.

A stern thruster consists of a standard Side-Power mounted in a special tunnel fixed onto the transom of the boat, either by bolts or bonding. These tunnels are meticulously designed to enhance the performance of the thruster. Manufactured in fibreglass, they are extremely strong and durable. The complete installation is very easy and meets the same high standards of a Sidepower bow thruster installation.

Sternthruster kits are available to suit boats from 24 ft up to the superyacht size.

Side-Power also offer other accesories for stern thrusters and stern thruster installations as shown in the accessories section.