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Since the early 1970's, GME has been at the vanguard of marine electronics in the Australian region. The blending of hands-on experience with creative software engineering has produced a host of innovative GME Marine products including the world's first VHF transceiver with totally integrated direct dial telephone facility, the compact size COSPAS/SARSAT compatible EPIRBs and the GR series of marine stereos. They all proudly bear the GME logo.

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Website allows you to search for details of vessels carrying a registered EPIRB.

All GME marine products undergo stringent testing to ensure they will provide years of trouble free service in the harsh marine environment. We are also sensitive to product aesthetics. our goal is to achieve a harmonious balance between good looks and practicality. Many GME staff and Managers maintain a direct involvement in the marine industry. This interaction ensures customer feedback is continually channelled into product enhancement and the generation of new product ideas.

GMEAccusat MT403

406 Mhz- manual and water activation

The GME MT403 406 MHz digital EPIRB is the culmination of three years of extensive R & D by GME engineers. The end result is a radical new design concept that is not only a significant improvement on existing beacon performance, but dramatically slashes the cost of 406 MHz EPIRB ownership. The MT403 also includes a water activation feature. Once it has been removed from its mounting bracket, the MT403 will activate automatically on immersion in water. Of course you can also activate it manually if required.

Advantages of a 406 MHZ EPIRB over the older analogue EPIRBs include world wide coverage, position location accuracy to within 5 kms and a more stable transmitted signal resulting in faster response time. Most importantly, the addition of a unique digitally coded message provides Search and Rescue authorities with vital information including the country of beacon registration and identification of the vessel in distress thus greatly reducing the incidence of false alerts and unneccesary deployment of valuable rescue resources.

An auxiliary homing transmitter is included in the MT403 to enable suitable equipped Search and Rescue forces to home on the distress beacon.

GMEAccusat MT403FF

Float-free EPIRB - Auto release

The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) compliant MT403FF is a 'state of the art' satellite distress beacon designed to operate in conjunction with the COSPAS-SARSAT International Satellite Search and Rescue System. Designed to meet the most demanding regulatory approvals the GME MT403FF is a Class 2, Category 1 EPIRB in a fully enclosed float free housing with a Hammar HRU that will release and activate the beacon automatically on immersion in water.

Using the same innovative technology that produced the MT400 and revolutionised the EPIRB world, the MT403FF now offers commercial vessel operators the same GME performance and value enjoyed by recreational boaters.

GMEAccusat Pocket Pro+ MT410G

MT410G 406 MHZ PLB with GPS GME's Accusat MT410G Pocket Pro+ with integrated GPS is leading the world with feature innovation and user benefits. Not only is the AccuSat MT410G the smallest and lightest PLB on the market, it offers a massive 7 year battery replacement life, an 'industry first' 7 year warranty, a high intensity LED strobe, a 'Non Hazmat' battery pack for simple and cost effective transportation and a 16 Channel parallel GPS receiver with top mounted Quad helix antenna to improve location accuracy to better than 100 metres typically - all contributing to the unique AccuSat advantage.

The current 121.5/243 MHz analogue COSPAS SARSAT service will be terminated in February 2009 and only the 406 MHz digital beacon signals will be processed thereafter. Consumers have for some time recognised the major benefits of a 406 MHz over a 121.5 MHz device in faster, more accurate detection, personal identification of each beacon, reduced search area resulting in a faster more targeted response in a life threatening situation. However the prohibitive cost of 406 MHz beacons has always been an issue.

Today with cutting edge microprocessor technology, GME's engineers are able to provide the outdoor adventurer with a 406 MHz PLB solution that is not only affordable, but provides enhanced peace of mind for boaters, bush walkers, 4 x 4 enthusiasts and aviators should they ever require emergency assistance. GME has been designing and manufacturing emergency beacons in Australia for over 30 years. In that time literally hundreds of lives have been saved in Australia and around the world.


VHF Marine Transceiver

The GME Electrophone GX600 is our latest marine VHF transceiver. Designed and built in our Gladesville factory in Sydney, it represents the latest in performance and manufacturing techniques. The GX600 offers a range of advanced features in a compact waterproof case. Standard features include programmable channel scanning, both Dual watch and Triple Watch functions, and two user programmable channel memories.

The GX600 is designed to compliment the GME GR100 AM/FM radio in size and design providing a symetrical fitout to any vessel's instrument panel. The GX600's rugged diecast powder coated chassis and waterproof case seals ensure maximum protection from the harsh marine environment and the slim design will suit almost every installation requirement.